5 Things You Must Know When Painting Interiors for Your House to Sell

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When selling your home, there are many ways to get a better price. First, it’s essential to ensure your interior painting is up to scratch. After that, the standard rules apply:

  • Spruce up the exterior
  • Fix any broken things like windows, screen doors, and handles
  • Update outdated bathrooms and kitchens
  • Remove clutter
  • Stage the house correctly

Your realtor will go through those details with you for the best results. In the meantime, the Ellison Painting team will give you our top painting tips to help you sell your home more quickly.

A Monochromatic Look Works on the Inside

Pairing a monochromatic look with pops of color creates a calming effect. It allows the eye to travel the room’s length and creates unity throughout the space. Pair this look with simple decor for the best results.

Stick to Neutrals

A hot pink powder room or dramatic navy dining room are showstoppers. However, they might also stop the sale since buyers’ tastes vary. Generic colors such as cream, beige, and light gray are better at showing buyers the design possibilities.

Your goal is not to show off your style but to provide a blank canvas on which buyers can build. If you wish to add flair, ask the realtor for advice on staging your home. They might suggest adding bold cushions or other accessories.

Alternatively, consider changing up the type of paint for more drama. A textured finish brings many paint colors to life.

No Red

Love it or hate it, red is a risky choice for interior painting. If your walls are a fire-engine red, they will put some people off. Instead, tone down the fiery color and limit where you use it so it looks sophisticated, not bold.

Paint the Ceilings

Many homeowners focus so much on the walls that they forget the ceilings. Giving your ceiling a fresh coat of paint elevates all your interior painting efforts.

Remember the Trim

Another area homeowners sometimes overlook is the trim or crown molding. Neglecting these two features means missing a chance to make an impactful statement. Buyers enjoy these small details and use them to assess your property maintenance.

Stick to White in the Kitchen

White kitchens always look more spacious, light, and airy. Have a gorgeous backsplash, but paint the rest of the walls white. This color instantly conceals a kitchen’s dingy appearance and freshens up the space.

If your cabinetry is outdated, white walls will make up for it by adding a modern look. White is also the ultimate neutral color because it reflects light and goes with everything.

Stick to Flat Paint with Imperfect Walls

If your walls are imperfect, matte paint covers the issue better than a high gloss finish. Even the softest satin sheen highlights every imperfection.

Paint the Whole Wall

Minor touchups on old paint are instantly noticeable. We recommend painting the entire wall and, if necessary, the other walls in the room. While a newly painted accent wall sometimes works, it may highlight that you skimped on the other walls.

Use Decent Paint

You don’t have to get the most expensive paint on the market, but purchase something good. A high-quality color provides better coverage and glides on more smoothly. It’s also easy to distinguish between poor and decent quality products.

Buyers are bound to notice cheap paint and may wonder if you skimped on anything else. At best, they’ll lower or drop their offer; at worst, they’ll walk away. Good-quality paint is worth the return on investment.

Consider Hiring Professionals

Hiring professionals adds to the expense slightly, but the investment is worth it. It may not seem like a big deal to repaint your home, but it is if you work a full-time job. Also, getting the desired results may only prove possible with experience.

As painting professionals, we use the best quality paint and tools to achieve top-notch results. Our knowledgeable team knows how to create the perfect finish and can complete the job in a fraction of the time.

We’ll expertly prepare, prime, and paint your walls, leaving you to focus on more important things.

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