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After a hectic 2022, it’s time to refresh your interior painting with the new color of the year. With Pantone’s glamorous Very Peri on the scene, we’re excited to see what our favorite paint brands have in store.

The professionals at Ellison Painting covered the Behr, Sherwin Williams, Glidden, and Benjamin Moore choices for 2023 colors. Read on to see how to incorporate them into your home’s style.

Pantone’s Choice: Very Peri

We’ve got the best if you need a dramatic flair for your new paint projects. Pantone describes its choice as periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones, creating a beautiful color ideal for your interior painting job.

Due to its vibrant color, our experts consider Very Peri to be the perfect selection for an accent wall. Our favorite ways to include this shade are as follows:

  • Bathrooms: With their small size, bathrooms benefit from a splashy wall paint color. Change up yours with some new towels, candles, and a complementary bath mat to keep your home chic.
  • Home office: Boost your concentration with a new coat of paint. For larger rooms, consider applying an accent wall for a moderate change.
  • Playrooms: Great for all ages, this lovely purple-ish shade gives your kids a fun and fresh room they’ll love!

If purple isn’t your color, we’ve got you covered. Read on to see Behr’s favorite new room painting choice below.

Behr’s Choice: Blank Canvas

While Very Peri is a bold choice for your paint jobs, some prefer a softer, neutral appearance. Behr came in hot with this attractive off-white color: Blank Canvas.

True to its name, Blank Canvas provides the perfect backdrop for any room. If you need interior painting in Oakland County, this could be your shade. Our favorite uses for this color are hallways and entryways due to the color’s pleasant and soft appearance.

However, the benefit of Behr’s choice is that it works for virtually any room. With its fresh yet gentle feeling, you will surely love Blank Canvas interior house paint.

Sherwin Williams Choice: Redend Point

For a natural look, check out this rosy beige paint. Redend Point works well for kitchens and bathrooms due to its pleasant disposition.

Our favorite interior painting uses for Redend Point are as follows:

  • Kitchens: The warmth from this color blends well with the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.
  • Bedrooms: Create a romantic presence in your home without straying from the traditional colors.
  • Sunrooms: This shade pairs beautifully with the greens from house plants, creating the perfect natural getaway right in your home.

Benjamin Moore has the perfect shade for you if you want something a little brighter for your interior painting. Read on to learn more!

Benjamin Moore’s Choice: Raspberry Blush

Reinvigorate your home for the new year with Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush. It’s a cheery, pinkish coral, perfect for adding a vibrant pop.

Does your home need personality? An interior painting job with Raspberry Blush will do the trick. This shade brings confidence to the new year and can help you focus on the good in life.

Change your perspective with this bold accent color!

Glidden’s Choice: Vining Ivy

For a more serene choice, consider Glidden’s Vining Ivy. This blueish-greenish hue provides a calming but luxurious feel for any room.

The best thing about this shade? You can completely change its energy through decorations.

Create a peaceful, ocean-inspired room with off-white accents or neutral colors, or go for a classy elegance with jewel tones and gold accents. Whichever style you choose will surely catch the eye and make an impact.

Make a Statement in 2023

Whatever your new year goals, fresh paint can help. Surrounding yourself with positive and happy colors helps you put your best foot forward, so you can feel great coming into another year. These new choices can help us shed the previous years and start something fresh.

Not sure what you want yet? We get it; there are so many beautiful choices that it can be hard to find the perfect one. We’ve got some stellar ideas to help you decide how you want to decorate the height of the walls:

  • Use the brighter colors to accent Blank Canvas with carefully chosen throws and pillows.
  • Refresh your space with breezy curtains to soften a vibrant choice such as Very Peri.
  • Use a gentle trim to accent the bold Raspberry Blush.

Whatever colors you go with, we can help. Call our Ellison Painting team at (248) 985-9414 for your interior painting in Oakland County, MI.


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