Choosing the Right Paint for Your Interior: A Beginner’s Guide

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Interior painting can be an exciting way to update the look and feel of a room or your entire home. It’s fun to browse the top colors for the upcoming season, imagining what each one might look like in the perfect spot. However, the extensive range can make the choice seem overwhelming without some direction from the experts.

At Ellison Painting, painting is our passion. Why not seek some inspiration below and let us know what you need? Our professional team uses higher-quality paint and paint supplies to ensure that every painting project is a success.

The Right Colors for Interior Painting in Oakland County

Professionals like Ellison Painting typically recommend sticking to well-known brands. These products offer rich paint colors and even coverage, with countless brands that make it fun to choose the best color and finish. Follow our tips below and then leave the heavy lifting of those house painting projects to our experienced team!

Stick with Colors You Love

Painting your walls is like choosing artwork—you can opt for contemporary choices, but if they don’t fit your style, you will never love seeing them on display. Instead, we recommend choosing colors that speak to you while looking for trends that could match this unique style.

Check the Color Wheel

Artists and design professionals study color theory for obvious reasons. However, if you do not have time to go into it in depth, a color wheel can prove useful. Research a few different combinations, like triads and complementary colors, and then have fun spinning the wheel.

Think Neutral

Neutrals are always a safe option. They work with everything without having to be boring.

  • Use neutrals in stripes, chevron patterns, and stencils to add interest.
  • Paint the walls a neutral color and change your accessories every year for a quick and easy update.

Adapt a Color from a Print or Artwork

Do you have bedding, drapes, table linen, or artwork that you adore? What is it about these pieces that appeal to you? Think about the bold shades, the interplay of color, or an unusual tone.

Choosing one or two of your favorite colors from items that catch your eye can get the creative juices flowing. Let us help you match them, or take a sample to the paint store with you. If the color is too bright for whole-house interior painting, consider applying it to an accent wall instead.

Take a Walk Outside

How do you feel seeing the blue of the ocean, fire-engine red, or lush green? Look outside and see which colors appeal to you the most. Nature often comes up with stunning color schemes in various landscapes, foliage, animals, and more, so keep your eyes open and take some notes.

More Traditional Options May Surprise You

Did you know that you can opt for traditional colors in even the most contemporary setting? Don’t let other people’s preconceived notions sway your design decisions. Rich forest greens, deep blues, and many other traditional colors could be just the paint color you need.

If you have to live with it, choose something beautiful. Sometimes, just lightening or darkening the tone a little can be enough to make it feel like an entirely new space.

Don’t Forget About Undertones

Do some colors seem to speak to you? Look at colors you like and notice the undertones. For example, beige might have a green undertone that would clash with your favorite red sofa.

Understanding a little more about color depth can help you choose the best shade. Alternatively, ask seasoned professionals like Ellison Painting for some direction in this area.

Sample the Colors

Our top recommendation before beginning interior painting in Oakland County is to take advantage of samples. There is no better way to judge how the color looks in the space until you have some up on the wall. The cost of the samples is negligible if you would otherwise be wasting money on cans of paint you won’t use.

Consider Flowing Color Through Your Home

Is your home small? Color flow can be an easy way to harmonize the various elements in the home with a continuous color throughout each room. This technique works best with neutral colors, which narrow your palette to one lovely tone for an overall effect that makes your home look larger. If you want some differentiation, paint accent walls or add colors with drapes or furniture.

Try Trusted Paint Color Apps

Most reputable paint manufacturers have an app. Typically, these apps allow you to upload a photograph of a room to see what a new color might look like. Technology continues to improve the capabilities of these features, so these apps can now give you a fairly reasonable idea of what to expect.

Some apps may also help you create a color palette with your selection. You can also review the suggestions for other hues that might work for your space.

Hire a Color Consultant

A color consultant might be an additional expense, but the results can be extremely worthwhile. It is best to have some idea of the look you wish to achieve before asking the consultant to incorporate color into the design. The advantage here is that they will work around your preferences, using their expertise to create a custom look that works for you.

If you want more tips and tricks on your next interior painting project, call Ellison Painting at (248) 516-2207 today for a free estimate in and around Oakland County, Michigan.

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