Easy Fixes for 7 Common Interior Painting Mistakes

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You performed all the research, but something went wrong with your interior painting job. Don’t feel bad — it happens to every DIY enthusiast at some point. If the mistakes are minor, a few easy fixes should be all you need.

Call a professional painter if you have more extensive errors or are nervous to try again. The team from Ellison Painting is merely a call away if you need expert assistance.

If you’re willing to give your painting another go, follow these tips from our top-rated interior painting team in Oakland, MI.

Patchy Results or Thin Spots

Poor lighting, being distracted, or using the wrong technique is likely the cause of this issue. Fortunately, it’s a simple fix. All you need to do is to let the first layer dry completely and repaint the patchy bits.

Paint Drips

This issue results from using too much product or not spreading it out well enough. The best technique is to watch for dripping as you’re painting. Remove some of the paint from your tool if you see drip tracks or droplets forming.

To fix the existing marks, wait until the surface is dry and sand away the droplets. Finally, touch up with short, feathering strokes to blend well.

Paint Bubbles

You’ll see paint bubbles when there’s insufficient adhesion between the undercoat and the paint. This issue may arise due to excess moisture, heat, or the two issues combined. To make things more complex, bubbling may show up a long time after you complete the job.

To fix this issue, your first step is to understand the cause and deal with it. You may need an exhaust fan to remove excess heat or moisture.

Then you should:

  • Scrape the paint off
  • Sandpaper the area
  • Prime it
  • Repaint it

Paint Splashes

No matter how careful you are with interior painting, you will likely paint the trim accidentally. Applying painter’s tape to mask the trim helps, as does using a wet cloth to wipe off damp paint. If you miss the mistake, sand away the splash and repaint the trim if necessary.

Tape Lines

Tape is a helpful tool to keep paint away from specific areas. However, it may also pull your new color up with it.

The best way to avoid this outcome is to remove the tape an hour after you lay it down. You’ll peel away your work if you leave the tape on the paint too long.

Here’s another quick fix: sand the area down, wipe it with a damp cloth, and let it dry. Then, touch up the paint. If you need to reapply the tape to get a clean line, remember to remove it early enough.

Bleeding Paint from a Previous Layer

When you paint lighter paint colors over darker ones, the underlying color will likely bleed through. Colors like dark red and burgundy, black, and blue can particularly show up. You can prevent bleed-through by first using two coats of primer.

If you take a chance with one coat of primer during interior painting, and see bleed-through, a second coat of paint will only do a little good. Instead, apply a second coat of primer and repaint. Using this method, applying two coats initially saves you time in the long run.

Paint on Windows

Even for professional painters, painting on windows is sometimes unavoidable. Fortunately, this problem is easy to fix, and you don’t need sandpaper. Simply run a razor blade at an angle across the window after the paint dries.

Avoid using the blade at a 90-degree angle to the window, or you risk scratching the surface.

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