Exterior Makeover: The Best Paint Colors For Selling A House

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Selling your home is a major achievement, and everything that builds up to that sale is pivotal in how it goes. From appreciation to choosing the best exterior paint colors, the process can get complicated. 

One thing’s for sure: your home needs to look its best to make the sale. 

A great way to increase the visual appeal of your home is to invest in a fresh coat of paint. Color affects how potential buyers feel about your home, so it’s best to choose shades that are warm and inviting.

Here at Ellison Painting, we know our stuff when it comes to choosing the right color to sell a house, so we’ve compiled a list of options to point you in the right direction. 

Go With Neutrals for Exterior Painting Projects 

There are many options on the market for exterior painting colors, but all evidence points toward neutrals as being the best option.

Neutrals can come in shades of gray, tan, and beige with several options for undertones and finishes for unique customizations. They’re a great choice for exterior painting projects because they create a blank canvas for potential buyers to work with. They also harmonize well with different textures and finishes, which creates a more streamlined look. 

Warm neutrals or neutral shades with warm undertones are recommended for exterior painting because they work well with outdoor lighting. Cool neutral can be used but may appear colder toned in bright lighting, which does not have the same inviting effect as warmer colors. 

Best Exterior Painting Colors 

These are our top five recommendations for exterior painting projects to increase the visual appeal and value of your home. These shades are move-in ready and will provide a great blank canvas for potential buyers to envision their life in your home. 

Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

Alabaster is the closest shade to white we’ve included on this list. White paint can be tricky for exterior painting, but Alabaster delivers the perfect blend of warm undertone and classic bright finish that buyers love. Named 2016 Sherwin Williams color of the year, Alabaster continues to be a bestseller for exterior painting. 

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray SW 7017

Dorian Gray is a neutral gray with warm undertones and more body than a traditional light gray. It goes well with other warm color schemes and bright lighting shows off its green hue. Luckily, green-toned homes are on the rise in popularity, making this a great choice if you’re looking to sell your home. 

Sherwin Williams Tavern Taupe SW 7508

Tavern Taupe is a deeper beige with brown undertones, this is a great option for the trim and siding of your home. 

Sherwin Williams Gray Area SW 7052

Gray Area is a neutral shade that works well with both light and dark accents. It looks similar to taupe with tan undertones making it perfect for exterior painting, body, or accent. 

Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige SW 6073

Perfect Greige is a trendy balance of gray and beige, perfect for the main body of the house. It’s one of the cooler tones on this list, with gray undertones that go well with browns and tans that can go on the trim of the home. 

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