How to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Interior Painting Project

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Undertaking a new interior painting project proves equal parts exciting and stressful. How do you know which paint color, style, or design will work best for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living area?

Take a deep breath and remember that you can easily fix any mistakes made during interior painting projects. Many experts recommend painting a small area of your home before covering all your walls with latex paint. A small sample-sized painted area allows you to see how the paint color you selected reacts to temperature changes, varying natural light exposure, and general wear and tear. Speak with professional painters to receive samples of premium paints and test color schemes before revitalizing your living space.

This blog outlines the best strategies for selecting color schemes during your next interior painting project. Have fun, make mistakes, and take the time to find the type of paint you like the most.

Factors to Consider

Your property’s color scheme is a key part of its charm. It can help show off your style, change the feel of a room, and impress visitors. Deciding on one for your interior painting project can take a lot of careful thought; you need to find something that suits your personal taste, matches the rest of your home, and enhances whatever room you’re painting.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then start by thinking about these factors:

  • How do you want the room to feel? Different colors evoke different emotions — light blue, for example, creates a more relaxing atmosphere. Consider whether you want to create a space to relax or a space to have fun, then choose a color from there.
  • How much light does the room get? Paints will look different depending on the lighting. Think about how much sunlight a room gets, then test colors to see what works best.
  • What does with your current decor? You can really bring a home together by choosing a color scheme that matches your furniture.

Impressive Interior Painting Color Schemes

Every Missouri homeowner approaches painting projects differently, so do not get bogged down aiming for perfection. Successful interior painting projects rely upon your unique vision. Explore sites like Pinterest, Homes, and Gardens, and Benjamin Moore to find inspiration, design ideas, and color combinations that you love.

Each room experiences varying levels of use, so avoid using the same kind of paint for every room of your home. For example, bathrooms experience excessive moisture, while frequent kitchen foot traffic may expose walls to scratches and abrasions. Technologically advanced paints contain antimicrobial and abrasion-resistant properties perfectly suited for any living space.

A few of the most popular color schemes for interior painting projects include the following.

Bold Design

Bold interior painting designs have gained widespread popularity over the past ten years. Homeowners can achieve eye-catching, bold designs in their homes by pairing matte wall paint with high-gloss paint options for their siding, crown molding, and trim. Rich matte paints work especially well in bedrooms, while high-gloss finishes help accent the unique design features of your home.

Popular colors used for bold interior paint designs include:

  • Richmond Green
  • Sunshine
  • Crimson
  • Utah Sky
  • Yellowcake

You can soften bright matte finishes on your walls by accenting your trim and ceiling with additional high-gloss finishes. The resulting design achieved by combining flat paints and glosses impresses potential homebuyers and may help improve your property’s value, curb appeal, and return on investment.

Minimalist Design

A minimalist design focuses primarily on accenting your home’s unique features. Many minimalist designs rely on white, black, gray, and beige paint colors that brighten living spaces, maximizing natural light throughout your home. No matter the square footage of your small or large home, minimalist designs can help highlight your home’s one-of-a-kind floor plan and features.

Explore semi-gloss and high-gloss latex paints to create breathtaking minimalist designs in your home. Glossy latex paints also prove incredibly easy to clean and maintain, making them the ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Simply use nonabrasive cleaners and warm water to wipe away any unsightly stains without worrying about ruining the paint’s protective film.

Advantages of Interior Painting Professionals

You wouldn’t try to repair a complicated car problem yourself, so why treat your interior painting project any differently? Professional painting companies have access to premium paints from top-rated brands, granting customers access to thousands of customized color options. If you can’t find a stock paint color you love during interior painting in Oakland County, many companies can special order color options made just for you.

Moreover, painting professionals can help identify interior paint issues you may have overlooked. Minor mold growth on your bathroom walls may indicate deterioration of your existing paint coat. When you hire painting professionals, you receive comprehensive care for all your interior painting needs.

If you feel reluctant about the cost of interior painting projects, many companies offer flexible financing options to pay for interior painting services over time.

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