Interior Painting Trends for 2023: What’s Hot and What’s Not

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Interior painting updates your home instantly. So, how do you choose the best tones for your painting projects out of all the new paint colors this year?

In this post, the Ellison Painting team reviews the top paint color trends for 2023 so that you can explore some of the possibilities.

2023 Trends for Interior Painting in Oakland County

What are this year’s hottest paint options? Here are twelve colors to keep an eye on:


This bright, yellow-green color looks amazing on an accent wall or dotted throughout the space. Pair it with neutrals so that it can shine, or go big with it on a full wall. It’s an excellent way to brighten up a space, and the color works surprisingly well with almost every palette.


Say goodbye to the soft sweet Blush of 2022 for the richer, earthier tones of rust. These shades pair well with greens, teals, and mustard yellows for a look that’s closer to fall than spring.


A monochromatic decision makes a statement, but be sure to update this year’s look by painting the trim, walls, molding, and ceilings. Shades of rich green lend themselves to a dramatic feel that makes any large room feel cozy. The key to this design is higher-quality paint and paint supplies, ensuring a satin finish to add interest while avoiding an overwhelming shine.

Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore

Do you like an ideal mix between blue and green? This color is perfect for melding indoors and outdoors, so it looks fantastic in a sunroom or closed-in porch. With somewhat earthy undertones, this gorgeous paint color also checks off the first two trends on this list.


That’s right; glossy black doors are making a comeback this season for a dramatic, elegant finish. The color goes with everything. However, you will need an expert’s input to make this effect work—the glossy finish shows every brushstroke.

Soft Blush

Nobody can fault you if you are still in love with last year’s blush pink. Thankfully, you can update it by pairing it with various hues of pink. Why not add electric magenta as a pop of color, or use it as an accent with light neutrals or indigo blue?

Eider White by Sherwin-Williams

Revitalize your kitchen cabinetry with this warm, rich neutral. It makes for a stunning contrast to stark white tiles and countertops, instantly updating the space. Eider White also looks outstanding in any living area where you require a slightly warmer effect.

Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore

Take drab gray to fabulous with this rich neutral. It has depth and interest, which is also perfect for a monochromatic look.


Rich plum tones have overtaken aubergine as the new interior painting choice this year. The color is striking enough to act as a counterpoint to the more traditional neutrals without overpowering them. It adds a cozy yet luxurious feel to any space.

Ultramarine Blue

As a favorite of artists for its neutral blue properties, this timeless color works with various attractive palettes. Ultramarine is rich and gem-like, like The Mediterranean at the height of a beautiful summer. Use it to accentuate cool icy tones or add a splash of saturation to a bright, warm palette.

Mt. Rainier Gray by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore features on this list a lot, a nod to the outstanding color palette the company released this year. This gray with blue undertones conjures up the mysterious scenes of a slightly overcast day. It brings instant calm, blending right into the background without being boring.

Vining Ivy by Glidden

Our final pick is another beautiful blue-green blend. Vining Ivy is a grown-up version of teal. It still offers the vibrancy of deep-sea hues but in a refined color for a more traditional look.

Designer Colors of the Year for 2023

Top designers are pulling out all the stops this year. However, the trends are moving in very different directions for 2023. One thing is sure: it is a year for stepping out of your comfort zone.

Raspberry Blush

At the forefront is Raspberry Blush, a bold and luscious tone with plenty of personalities. If you’re brave enough to use it in a monochromatic look, it makes an excellent talking point. Alternatively, it brings a colorful twist to any accent wall or pops of color throughout the room.

Blank Canvas by Behr

Behr didn’t get the memo about bright colors being back in style. The result is a versatile white that seamlessly fits into any design inspiration. Use it as your main color or accent color for delightful results in the following pairings:

  • Neutrals for a minimalist look
  • Earth tones for a cozy, relaxed feel
  • Pastels for a charming aesthetic
  • Black for high drama
  • Bright colors like cobalt blue and emerald green evoke sunny summer days

Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams

The final designer’s choice is Redend Point, an earthy color with very subtle pink undertones. It is a warm look that blends beautifully with wood accents and natural textures. Why not create an inviting Pueblo look by adding rich terracotta shades or clay accents?

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