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Our experienced painters can revamp a drab living room or liven up the facade of your house or business.

Does your property in Farmington Hills, MI, have a run-down appearance? A new coat of paint can make a significant difference to your home’s or business’s appearance and is likely the only remodeling project you’ll need.

However, for a painting job to give your property a brand-new look, it pays to hire the services of a leading Farmington Hills painter. At Ellison Painting, we have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to provide a professional painting service with long-lasting results.

While doing the job yourself might seem the affordable alternative, our services ensure that you won’t have to deal with painting streaks, blotches, or bubbling. Our quality painting and other property improvement services are available to all commercial and residential property owners in and around Farmington Hills, MI.

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Experienced Residential Farmington Hills Painter

As a leading Farmington Hills painter, we offer interior and exterior painting services to homeowners. We provide this service as a comprehensive and high-value solution, which means you don’t have to do anything besides choosing your favorite color scheme.

We can provide you with professional recommendations to ensure that the new paint colors match your building and its design style. These recommendations take lighting, your room’s dimensions, and your personal preferences into account.

Our house painters will take care of the entire residential painting process, including:

Before starting the painting process, we will discuss all aspects of our process with you. During the painting project, we will also update you on our progress.


Experienced Residential Farmington Hills Painter

Revitalize your home or business

Painting Contractors for Farmington Hills Commercial Properties

Your commercial building’s appearance affects how potential customers view your business. If you own a rental property, its curb appeal is one factor determining your rental income and how quickly you find commercial tenants.

A new coat of paint goes a long way to improve your commercial property’s aesthetic value. At Ellison Painting, we will provide you with a personalized painting solution to make your business building look great. Our team will also select suitable paints to provide your interior and exterior surfaces with optimal protection against pollutants, temperature fluctuation cracks, and mold growth.

Don’t let deterioration, vandalism, and pollution affect your commercial property income. Call us today to request a painting service quotation in Farmington Hills, MI.


Painting Contractors for Farmington Hills Commercial Properties

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At Ellison Painting, we are a reputable painting company with an excellent track record in Farmington Hills, MI. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive home renovation service that includes an interior and exterior painting service. We also refinish cabinets, repair wooden structural components to prevent damage to your property.

As a leading Farmington Hills painter, we work according to your schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities. In addition to a convenient service, we will also provide you with long-lasting results, eliminating unnecessary future repair and repainting costs.

Call us today to schedule a site inspection in Farmington Hills, MI, or request a free, no-obligation quote.


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