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Cabinets remain an undervalued part of kitchen remodeling projects. Professional cabinet painting services can restore and renew your existing cabinets, significantly increasing your Oakland County home’s value, curb appeal, and return on investment. Superior painting products from Sherwin Williams showcase the natural wood finish of hardwood cabinets and protect wooden surfaces from warping, discoloring, cracking, and chipping.

At Ellison Painting, we offer professional cabinet refinishing services to transform your cabinets. Speak to our cabinet painting experts to learn more about highly effective, affordable cabinet finishes. Regularly painted and finished cabinets exceed expected lifespans, repel moisture, resist stains, and improve the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Before replacing kitchen appliances, adding kitchen islands, and replacing your flooring, consider the many benefits of cabinet refinishing. for your kitchen remodeling project. Our professional painters can revitalize your kitchen space at a fraction of the cost of other home improvement projects. We have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to upgrade your kitchen with superior cabinet refinishing and painting services.

Understanding Cabinet Painting in Oakland County

Choosing the right paint, finish, gloss, or varnish for your kitchen paint job proves overwhelming without the help of professionals. Some metal kitchen cabinets may benefit from oil-based paints, while other hardwood cabinets may shine more brightly with water-based paints. No matter what kind of cabinets you have in your kitchen, our painting professionals can help you throughout the entire painting process.

Our expert painters do much more than apply the paint to your cabinets; we offer free quotes, detailed walkthroughs, access to countless paint options, and consultations with experienced color consultants. You can sit down with trained professionals to brainstorm and plan every aspect of your painting project. Reliable project managers and team leaders oversee the successful completion of kitchen cabinet painting services.

Our professionals use tack clothes to prepare cabinets for paint and advanced spray painting systems to apply even coats of premium paint. Even brush strokes of varnish prevent moisture, dust, and debris from interfering with drying paint. Additional factors to consider when planning your next cabinet painting project include:

Refacing vs. Refinishing

The difference between refacing and refinishing cabinets often confuses homeowners. Cabinet refacing refers to the process of replacing cabinet faces, hardware, and features, while cabinet refinishing involves updating your existing cabinets with fresh coats of paint and protective coatings. Many Michigan homeowners prefer the ease of refinishing cabinets over the complex process of refacing.


Staining cabinets involves adding translucent protective coatings to wooden cabinets. Popular Sherwin Williams staining formulations include Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel, ProClassic Interior Water-Based Acrylic Alkyd, and ProClassic Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel. Professional cabinet staining extends the lifespan of your cabinets and protects wooden surfaces from UV radiation, moisture damage, mold growth, and warping.

Premium Cabinet Paints

Choose a paint that suits the building material comprising your cabinets. For example, premium hardwood cabinets may benefit from no paint at all, while high-gloss paints help hide small cracks in plywood and fiberboard cabinets. Metal cabinets require oil-based paints, as latex paints fail to bind correctly to stainless steel and aluminum.

During your consultation with our cabinet painting professionals, we will inspect every aspect of your existing cabinets to determine the best paint for you. Our helpful color consultants and design teams can help you accentuate the beauty of your metal, hardwood, fiberboard, or particleboard cabinets. With the help of our trained professionals, you can completely transform your outdated kitchen into a luxurious living space perfect for entertaining guests, undertaking cooking projects, and enjoying time with family and friends.


Think about glazing as the final step of the cabinet painting process. Glazes, such as the Faux Impressions Latex Glaze, sit atop paints and stains to improve the appearance of your cabinets. If you have uniquely designed cabinets, glazes can help highlight your cabinets’ drawer fronts, door frames, and side panels.


Every kitchen renovation project benefits from thinking about contrasting features. Large areas of your kitchen painted the same color tend to hide cabinet features and result in a washed, monochromatic aesthetic. Alternatively, Michigan homeowners can use deliberate contrasts to accent their cabinets’ gorgeous wood grains.

Popular paint colors for cabinets that work well in bright, white kitchens include:

  • High Sierra
  • Sea Salt
  • Limewash
  • Copen Blue
  • Fleur De Sel
  • Repose Gray
  • Mushroom

Work With Professionals

Undertaking cabinet refinishing projects without the help of professional painters remains difficult. Professional painters use advanced sanding equipment, safety gear, and painting tools to provide high-quality services. Skilled painters can complete cabinet painting projects far more efficiently and effectively than untrained homeowners.

Using the wrong paint, finish, or glaze on your kitchen cabinets can leave your cabinets looking disheveled and damaged from improper painting methods. Avoid the hassle and costs of DIY painting projects by contacting our cabinet refinishing experts. Financing options, color consultants, and seemingly unlimited paint selections make our professional painters essential for your next home improvement project.

Contact Cabinet Refinishing Experts in Oakland County

Ellison Painting has proudly served the Oakland County community for many years. We offer a wide range of cabinet painting, wood repair, and refinishing services at an affordable price. We always put the needs of our clients first and strive to exceed expectations.

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