Want Dark Walls? 4 Ways of Interior Painting to Make Them Work in Your Home

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Painting your home is an excellent way of making a statement about your style. It’s also an opportunity to bring light into your space and highlight your home’s beauty.

When choosing paint colors for your interior painting, there are many things to consider. For instance, you’ll want to think about the room’s purpose, how much natural light it gets, and the mood you want to set.

If you’re thinking about using dark colors for your paint project, here are some tips to make it work:

4 Interior Painting Tips to Make Dark Colors Work in Your Home

Use a Light-Colored Accent Wall

One of the best ways to make dark colors work in your home is by including a light-colored accent wall. You can use this technique to add visual interest, draw attention to a feature, or just give some much-needed brightness to an otherwise dark room.

To create an accent wall, simply paint the wall next to one of the focal points—like a fireplace or dining table—a light color like white or cream. Then, paint all the remaining walls in your room your chosen shade of dark color. This technique will help create an oasis in what would otherwise be a gloomy space.

Use a Neutral Color

Dark colors can be very dramatic, but they can also make your home feel cramped and closed in. Adding a neutral color to your interior painting project can open up the room and make it feel more spacious. For instance, you could paint the floor trim or ceiling a neutral color to contrast with the rest of the wall.

Neutral shades like gray and taupe are excellent color choices. They don’t draw attention or compete with the color of the walls.

You can also use white to create a bright backdrop for your dark colors. If you choose this option, use white paint in an eggshell finish. A matte finish will absorb more light and make the room feel smaller.

Make Sure Your Paint Has a Low Sheen Level

A low-sheen paint is the best choice for dark colors in a home. Applying a high-sheen paint will make it appear shiny and reflective. When you use a low-sheen paint, your walls will look more matte.

Use a high-sheen paint if your dark paint colors appear darker on top of a white wall. If you want the dark paint to look even darker, use a low-sheen paint so that it doesn’t reflect light as much.

Choose Darker Accent Colors Instead of Primary Colors

When considering a dark wall color for your interior painting job, it can be tempting to go with a bright primary color as an accent, such as red. However, primary colors will often overpower a space, even on an accent wall. There are many other ways of incorporating color into your home that can add drama without going overboard.

One of the easiest ways to add striking paint is to choose darker accent colors instead of primary colors. For example, try painting the inside of your cabinets or drawers with navy blue or eggplant purple instead of red or yellow. These colors will add beautiful contrast without overwhelming the rest of the room.

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