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Our experienced painters can revamp a drab living room or liven up the facade of your house or business.

Do you want to improve your commercial or residential property’s curb appeal and resale value? A new coat of paint is among the most affordable home improvement options that can have the most significant impact on your property’s appearance. However, deriving maximum value from a paint job requires the services of an experienced painter.

At Ellison Painting, we are a leading interior and exterior painter in Oakland, MI. We offer a wide range of painting projects and property restoration solutions to home and business owners.

Our team takes pride in providing custom painting solutions that meet our customers’ requirements. As a reputable and well-respected local painting company, we will also provide you with professional recommendations to ensure that you choose the right paint color and type for your project.

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Residential Painting Solutions in Oakland, MI

The professional house painting solutions we offer aim to provide you with maximum value, transforming your interior and exterior. Our painting team can take care of all necessary preparations, including the safe removal of lead paint, mold, solvents, and dust. You can also rely on us to remove your old wallpaper and repair imperfections in your wall by filling dents, holes, and chips.

We will only use painting products from reputable manufacturers for your paint job. We’ll recommend our preferred products for each surface type, providing your walls and other surfaces with optimal protection against moisture, mold growth, and pollutants. We’ll also assist you if you need help choosing a color scheme that matches your home’s architectural design style and surroundings.


Residential Painting Solutions in Oakland, MI

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Make Us Your Oakland, MI, Commercial Painter

A quality paint job will optimize your commercial property’s aesthetic appeal and create an excellent first impression. At Ellison Painting, we understand that each commercial property is unique, and we will provide you with a personalized painting solution that fits your budget and requirements.

We work according to your schedule to minimize disruptions to your business operations. We can also use paint colors that match your business branding while ensuring that our products protect your walls against the elements.

Our interior painting products are safe, with minimal volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. When you hire our commercial painting services in Oakland, MI, you can have peace of mind that these products won’t affect your employees’ or tenants’ health.


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Our team at Ellison Painting can provide you with a comprehensive property renovation solution in Oakland, MI, that includes the following services:

Our services are ideal for restoring deterioration due to aging and weathering around your home. If your property is starting to look dilapidated, our team will give it an as-new look while protecting it against disintegration and dirt build-up.


Painting Contractors of Choice in Oakland, MI

Painting Contractors of Choice in Oakland, MI

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