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What is the easiest way to tackle interior wall painting? As professional painters, we suggest calling Ellison Painting and saving yourself unnecessary work. However, if you’re determined to undertake this paint project yourself, here are some top tips from professionals.

Paint When There’s Low Humidity

When humidity levels are high, the paint takes longer to dry, and you’re more likely to see drips. Instead, wait until the weather is dry or proceed carefully to avoid marring the finish.

Carefully Inspect the Wall

Put the paint roller away for now. Instead, carefully inspect the wall for uneven, peeling, or cracked paint. Clean up these areas by sanding them down and, where necessary, fill in nicks or cracks to ensure an even surface.

Clean the Surface

Wash the wall with soap, water, and a scrubbing brush to dislodge grease and ingrained dirt. Rinse it with clean water and a damp cloth, and allow it to dry before you begin your paint job.

Opt for the Best Quality Paint You Can Afford

Buying budget paint brands is tempting but will cost you more in the end. You’ll have to apply three or four layers to reach a decent opacity, and it won’t be easy to achieve an even finish. Also, the finish will not last as long as the more expensive brands.

It’s better to pay a little more for a good-quality brand like Sherwin-Williams and know that two coats will be enough to get even coverage.

Use High-Quality Equipment

You might feel tempted to buy cheap rollers when you see how much your paint color costs. However, it pays to purchase decent-quality equipment to get better coverage and an even finish.

Understand the Texture

Your wall texture determines the nap of the roller you use. If you’re working on exterior walls with a rough texture, look for a cover with thick fur that can reach into all the grooves. If you have a smooth surface, you can look for a thinner roller so it doesn’t texture the paint.

Use Covers and Judicious Amounts of Painters Tape

Cover your furniture and floors with drop cloths. You should apply painter’s tape to the baseboards and trim you are not painting. (A pro tip is to go over the edges with a putty knife to ensure there are no gaps between the tape and the wall.) Finally, tape plastic over doorknobs to protect them from paint spills.

No matter how careful you are, there are inevitable drips. Save yourself the mess and heartache by carefully protecting anything you don’t want covered in splotches.

Remove Outlet and Light Switch Covers

You’ll understand how important this step is when you walk around as many homes as we have. It’s immediately apparent when homeowners or contractors skip this step because the acrylic ends just short of the cover or splashes onto it in places.

Removing the covers is much quicker and more effective than masking them off. It’s also the hallmark of professional work.

Prime the Wall

This essential step makes interior wall painting harder, but it’s worth the effort. The primer smooths out the surface and ensures maximum adhesion for the paint.

After it’s dry, the paint will glide on smoothly, making it easier to get a satin finish. Moreover, the primer keeps your painted wall looking good for longer.

Box Your Paint

Boxing your paint means buying it all at once instead of buying it in drips and drabs. The salesperson can help you determine how much you’ll need and put it all in one container. The advantage is that you get even color mixing and the same shade throughout your project.

Get on a Roll

Buying a top-notch roller pays off during the painting process. The paints slide off the cover without you having to exert much pressure. Use an extension pole and apply the acrylic smoothly from the top to the bottom of the wall.

Always Work Your Way Down

Working from top to bottom allows you to cover up any drips as you go along. Pros always paint the ceiling before cutting out the edges with a brush. If any of the acrylic beads or smudges, they can easily paint over them.

Call On Your Local Paint Specialists

Would you prefer to do things the easy way? For a top-notch paint job, call Brad at Ellison’s Painting at (248) 971-2859. Secure your free estimate on interior wall painting and put our 100% satisfaction guarantee to the test.


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