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It is no secret that the color of your walls can play a major role in how your bedroom feels. Whether you desire a modern escape, an island oasis, or a neutral space, the most significant change you can make to set the mood is changing the wall color. Knowing what color will work best in your space is essential. Here are some of the best color options for bedroom paint on the market today.

The Best Bedroom Paint Color Options

There are several colors that you can use for your bedroom to create a space that you can enjoy.

1. A Peaceful White

When it comes to selecting bedroom paint, white is a color that you cannot go wrong with. White paint goes with any style or decor. Choosing a white or an off-white hue can provide you with a nice, comfortable, and relaxing space to rest. You can also add subtle art to complement the color.

2. Calming Green

Green is often noted as being one of the most popular bedroom paint colors. Green has an extremely soothing effect, which is perfect for bedrooms. Green influences relaxation, which ensures you are able to rest and get to sleep without a struggle.

3. Blue Skies

Having a subtle blue color on your bedroom walls can create a more relaxing feel. You may even feel as if you are floating in the clouds. Blue paint can offer warmth to your room and pairs well with painted trim, cozy furniture, and stylish artwork. You can dress up a light blue space with darker accent pillows or even deep-colored furniture.

4. Navy

Navy is a bold color to go with to create a more compelling bedroom space. Rich navy hues can create a cozy yet dramatic feel in your space, ensuring that you feel extra nestled in for your evening rest. If you are not committed to having a full room covered in navy bedroom paint, consider adding an accent wall in this color behind your bed for a stunning contrast.

5. Soothing Grays

Soft gray hues are the perfect way to create a relaxing oasis that you just cannot wait to go to at the end of the day. Sooth grays provide warmth while enabling you to maintain a more neutral background for your space. Gray provides you with several different undertone options, such as purple, blue, or green, which can create a more airy feeling. They may also have hints of brown, yellow, or red, which can create a warmer feel. Lighting can play a major role in how this color feels, as well.

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